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We are two visual effects artists in search of adventure with a touch of luxury. Let us take you on a journey around the world guided by captivating storytelling and beautiful photography. Are you ready to start dreaming?

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armchair travel

We love travelling, but for now, we are staying home. We’ve put together a selection of old and new articles including travel stories, travel planning and armchair travel posts to enable you to travel without leaving your home.

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Throughout the blog, you’ll see quite a few wildlife posts popping up. We love animals and seeing them in their natural environment.
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Travel Guides
We enjoy travelling off the beaten path, but we also love comfort at the end of the day. Our travel guides are a mix of adventure and luxury travel.
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We love being active on our trips. Even on our most relaxing holidays, we can’t stay put for 1 day.
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Photography is a big part of the blog where we showcase our travel stories with a profound emphasis on the visuals.
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