Sunrise Meanderings Amongst the Tulips: Lakeland Flowers in Abbotsford

The long, rainy Vancouver winters can feel quite dreary and depressing, but the first signs of spring bring a much-needed boost to all of us in the Lower Mainland. As the days grow longer and the sun begins to make its presence felt, the city transforms with a myriad of flowering blossoms adorning its streets. However, the tulips steal the spotlight as they burst into full bloom, showcasing their spectacular colours once more.

Beyond the charming tulip flower beds scattered throughout the city, the Fraser Valley plays host to endless rows of tulips in a myriad of hues. Among the valley’s offerings are three tulip festivals, including the renowned Lakeland Flowers, one of the largest tulip festivals in Canada. Conveniently situated closest to Vancouver, it serves as the perfect destination for a city escape and a leisurely stroll amidst these statuesque flowers.

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The story of Lakeland Flowers

In 2021, Lakeland Flowers began as a modest u-pick operation, aimed at serving smaller crowds who wished to enjoy the flower fields. However, their efforts were abruptly halted in November of that year due to one of the worst floods in the lower mainland, forcing them to close for the following year.

In 2023, the family-run business, led by the Warmerdam family, made a triumphant return by resurrecting the Abbotsford Tulip Festival. The overwhelming demand from nostalgic visitors of the old Abbotsford Tulip Festival and the broader Fraser Valley community prompted them to expand from their initial concept of a small u-pick to one of Canada’s largest tulip festivals. The festival now spans 28 acres and features over 100 varieties of tulips, including an array imported from Holland, and even boasts a legacy tulip named after Peter Warmerdam.

But Lakeland Flowers didn’t stop there. They decided to expand their offerings by planting a selection of flowers for visitors to enjoy throughout the entire summer, ranging from tulips to sunflowers.

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Our visit to the fields

We set out for Abbotsford on a sunny but windy Friday morning, fully aware of the potential crowds. To beat the rush, we decided to brave the early wake-up call, hitting the fields by 6 a.m., just as the sun began to rise over the mountains.

Strolling through the rows of tulips, we found ourselves alone, with the first sunlight gently bathing the flowers in a golden hue.

After snapping plenty of photos, we decided to add a unique perspective to our shots by launching our drone. Despite the wind’s best efforts to throw us off course, we managed to capture some stunning aerial footage where the tulips danced in a lively, chaotic rhythm, their petals swaying to the tune of the wind.

Tip for future visitors: If you’re planning to visit and want to bring a drone, there’s a fee you’ll need to add when booking your tickets. Drones are only allowed between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Abbotsford Summer Flower Festival

The tulips mark the start of the Abbotsford Summer Flower Festival, the largest summer floral experience in the country. Six months of gorgeous blooms, beginning with 43 acres of tulips and canola in April, May and June, followed by 32 acres of peonies, lupins, siberian wallflower and lavender, and ending with 40 acres of sunflowers in July and August.

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When will it close: 12th of May
Where: Lakeland Flowers – 3663 Marion Rd.
Cost: Ticket prices range from $8 to $25. Get tickets here.
Drone: You are allowed to fly your drone, however you’ll need to pay a $15 fee and only fly between 6 am and 10 am.
Food: & live music Food trucks will be on-site every weekend and live music on select Fridays. Check out the line-up here (scroll to the bottom of the page).




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