Drift around waves of purple: Lavenderland near Vancouver

There’s something irresistibly decadent about a lavender field. Perhaps it’s the delicate fragrance, or the dusky purple hue of the lavender heads, swaying in unison with the summer breeze? Fortunately for us in Canada, we don’t need to travel to the Provence in France, there are some fantastic lavender farms right here in British Columbia.

Thanks to Canada’s temperate climate, vast prairies and numerous microclimates, you can experience different seasonal blooms across the country within a relatively short driving distance. The result is a visual feast for the eyes and nose: on top of the variety of colourful countryside, you’ll be surrounded by fields of purple flowers dancing in the wind (and that’s before you even start thinking about eating lavender-infused ice cream).

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Flower of life

Lavender flowers have a mysterious charm about them. Each one is beautifully unique with shades of purple, white and red. It has been used for generations in healing. Lavender oil has been used since Roman times as an antiseptic and even today, the use of lavender in aromatherapy as a sleep aid and for relieving tension and anxiety has been proven to help us relax.

Lavender is one of the oldest known plants that has been used to cure ailments. Aside from being used medicinally, lavender has also been used for making perfumes, essential oils, confections and even for horse-shoeing. It is also popularly used as a painter’s medium.

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Visiting Lavenderland

Lavenderland is a new lavender farm located in Richmond, close to Steveston. The farm opened in 2021 and features varieties like Superblue, Melissa, Grosso, and French lavender spread over 7 acres.

We spent our morning hours strolling through the fields, touching the flower heads and breathing in the fresh, country air. It is clear the owners of the farm have bigger plans for the place, as several areas were still being developed. One of these areas is a beautiful section next to the field, perfect for picnics, complete with pond and waterfall.

The entry price is a little on the expensive side for the size of the place. However, I suspect with all the development happening on the farm, Lavenderland will soon be a lovely place to spend a few hours.

lavender farm photoshoot
lavender fields
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  1. When to visit lavender fields?

    Lavender season in Canada is unfortunately seasonal. The best time to see the flowers in bloom is between the end of June and early August, with peak-bloom around mid-July.Lavenderland has several varieties that bloom into September & October and you can still purchase tickets to visit the fields in late summer.

  2. Tips on how to get the most out of your visit

    For the best light for photography, visit early morning or evening. This also means there will be less people around the fields. Lavenderland also offers sunset sessions, from 6pm-9pm. These are drop-in only and cannot be booked online.

  3. About the bees in the lavender fields

    Lavender fields are a playground for bees. The plants have both nectar and pollen so you’ll often find bees buzzing around. The bees are more focused on the flowers than on you, so don’t let that stop you enjoying the fields! Many lavender farms have beehives and Lavenderland is no exception. You can find the beehive at the end of the field by the gazebo.




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