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Hi! We’re Lies and Ash, travel bloggers and photographers behind Non Stop Destination. Lies, a Belgian national, and Ash, born in South Africa, met in London while working on the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We’re full-time Visual Effects Artists and part-time travellers and have been exploring the world together since 2013.

Our first trip together was to Singapore and Bali. One year later, on a two month long holiday in South Africa, Non Stop Destination was born. We started documenting our travels and photography, first as a journal for ourselves, and now our goal is to inspire you to explore this beautiful planet.

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Lies moved from Belgium to the UK in September 2008 and has since lived in Canada and New Zealand together with Ash.

Sleeper trains

Lies loves sleeper trains as it’s a slower but more immersive type of travel to get to your destination.


Together, we’ve visited 34 countries, 8 US states and 4 Canadian provinces.

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Our travel style

We love

Soft Adventures

We love being active on our trips. Even on our most relaxing holidays, we can’t stay put for one day. We’re not adrenaline junkies, but we do love activities such as dog sledding, water rafting, zip lining, paragliding and jumping off waterfalls to name a few.

We fill our days with

Packed itineraries

From short city trips to epic road trips, we pack each and every trip with as many things to see and do. We want to discover as much as we can on our travels, which means our trips are always fast-paced. As a result, our travel guides pack a punch! 

We focus on

unique experiences

We don’t mind exploring well-trodden paths, but on every trip, we try to add some unique experiences. Whether this is a virtual reality dinner, a ghost tour or a walk on an active volcano, we never say no to something special. 

We don't mind

A touch of luxury

We enjoy travelling off the beaten path, but we also love comfort at the end of the day. We particularly love unique boutique hotels and experiences as they add to our overall travel experience

Our passion is


Photography is a big part of the blog where we showcase our travel stories with a profound emphasis on the visuals. We want to capture the essence of the destination and transport our visitors to the place through our photography.

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