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Hallstätter See - Day trips from Salzburg

5 Great day trips from Salzburg

Salzburg is a gateway to several well known cities and attractions. You can take day trips from Salzburg to Munich, or travel via train from Salzburg to Hallstatt, The city’s location make it perfectly placed for tons of memorable side ventures in both Austria and Germany.
Spookstad doel ghost town

Doel: A Glimpse of the Abandoned Ghost Town in Belgium

As we drive near to the port of Antwerp, a few houses come into view, lonely structures in the midst of the Polder plains....
One New change hidden gems in London

London Hidden Gems: Discover the City’s Lesser Known Spots

When I think of London, the first thing that comes to mind are the old historic buildings dotted throughout the city, such as: the...

North America

Whistler Summer suspension bridge

Mountain Getaway: How To Spend Two Days in Whistler

When I arrived in Canada three years ago, I was excited to explore the outdoors. Having lived in Belgium for 21 years, where the...
Kluane National Park flightseeing tour Yukon

Soaring Over Kluane National Park – Glacier Flightseeing Tour

I looked out of the plane’s small window and admired the scenery below me. The landscape resembled a painting, with the river echoing broad...

Wilderness Adventure: Our Yukon River Canoe Trip

The canoe slid into the water… After gaining my balance, I paddled, making the canoe swing from left to right like a pendulum. “The steering...


floating market Bangkok - plan trip to Bangkok

Plan Your Luxury Trip to Bangkok: A 5-Step Travel Guide

Planning a trip to Bangkok can be a little daunting for first-time visitors, but this five-step travel guide will prepare you in no time....
Cockfighting Bali

A Secret Side of Bali: Experiencing a Balinese Cockfight

I never expected to feel unnerved by an experience in Bali. I was drawn to this exotic island for its combination of traditional culture,...
Bali Beach

Best Water Sports Tips Every Traveller Needs To Know About in...

The breathtaking island of Bali is one of the best places in the world to discover the thrills of water sports. However, whether you...


Middelvlei landscape - Stellenbosch Wine Routes

My favourite wine farms near Cape Town

With so many gorgeous, award-winning wine farms near Cape Town, travellers and locals are well and truly spoiled for choice. Here's a selection of the best wineries near Cape Town that stand out above the rest.
Platboom Beach South Africa

Platboom Beach: Cape Point’s Most Deserted Beach

Found within the vast Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Platboom Beach is a timeless place. It echoes of the Cape’s past, offering memories...
Waterfront in Cape Town

3 Things I Love About Cape Town, South Africa

Before setting out on my trip to Cape Town, I could never have imagined just how great an experience it would be. I’ve fallen...


Brunch in Wellington

20 Must-Try Brunch Spots in Wellington: My Favourite Picks

After arriving in Wellington, I was happy to see that brunch was not only an option, but the staple meal of the day. Around...
Fiji sunset

A night from hell in paradise

“How blissfully peaceful,” I thought, unaware that this seemingly postcard-perfect island would turn into a place straight from hell as soon as the sun went down…
Visiting Hobbiton New Zealand Matamata

Visiting Hobbiton: Wandering Around the Shire

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit…” I was sixteen when I was first introduced to Middle Earth, a world that intrigued...