Thrill-seeking at Golden Skybridge, BC

At 130m above the canyon floor, it felt exhilarating to walk across the Golden Skybridge, Canada’s highest suspension bridge. Built in 2021, the suspension bridge is already attracting many visitors, and for good reason! It’s surrounded by the Purcell and Rocky Mountains with Hospital Creek Waterfall thundering beneath you. Visiting the Golden Skybridge gives you a taste of what Golden has to offer: Incredible mountains, glacier-fed rivers and exciting activities. A true feast for the outdoor lover.

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We began our visit on the 3km long canyon ridge walking trail, which connects various points of interest. Not one, but two suspension bridges span the gorge, offering expansive views over the valley and the ravine below. Several viewing platforms and strategically placed photo opportunities are dotted along the trail, offering incredible vistas and also perfect for that social media shot! 

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We took our time on the trail, enjoying the sunny morning with birds chirping overhead and the sound of the river below. Once we arrived at the first — and highest — suspension bridge, we were stunned by the view. To the right, we saw Hospital Creek Waterfall gushing through the gorge and to the left, the second suspension bridge with the Purcell Mountains as a backdrop. 

Once across the first bridge, we arrived at the start of the Sky Zipline, and if you’re looking for adventure, you won’t want to miss this thrilling ride which hurtles you 304m across the canyon, at a height of 150m. There are also four zipline tracks to explore with your family and friends.

Continuing on from the zipline, we made our way to the second suspension bridge, which at 80m high and 140m long is Canada’s second highest suspension bridge and almost as impressive as the first. Shortly after crossing the second bridge, we passed another thrill ride under construction: the canyon swing. This will throw daredevils over the edge of the canyon, free falling until the swing kicks in. You won’t have to wait too long to try it as the swing is slated to open in the summer of 2022.

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There are also plenty of family-friendly activities, like the Canyon Edge Challenge Course, which is open to all ages, consisting of three different rope courses with varying difficulty. Near the entrance, you’ll find the treetop village where kids can have their own adventures, exploring tree forts and slides. To make sure everyone can enjoy their visit, both the trail and bridges are accessible for all abilities, so if you’re looking for either a relaxing experience or an adventure, a visit to Golden Skybridge offers both!

Once we finished the Canyon Ridge Trail loop, we stopped by The Village Grill to grab some coffee and snacks, and had a seat in the open air dining area. In the summer, this is the place to be for live entertainment during golden hour, however, that morning, it was a welcome spot for a break after an exhilarating walk around the trail.

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Thinking about visiting Golden Skybridge? Below, we’ve answered the most important questions to help you plan your trip.


How to get to Golden Skybridge?

  • Going Eastbound from Revelstoke
    It takes around 90 minutes from Revelstoke on Highway 1 towards Golden.
  • Going Westbound from Banff/Lake Louise
    It takes approximately 2 hours from Banff and 1 hours from Lake Louise on Highway 1 towards Golden.

Which activities are there at Golden Skybridge?

Try the Sky Zipline or the canyon edge challenge course if the two suspension bridges aren’t enough to get your blood pumping. Coming soon are the canyon swing and the rail rider mountain coaster, which will add more thrill to your visit. 

For more family friendly activities, there’s the treetop village complete with tree forts and slides. There’s also a kid friendly option available for the canyon edge challenge course.

How much does admission to Golden Skybridge cost?

There are different tickets available depending on which activities you’d like to do:

General admission is $37. After 7pm for golden hour, tickets are $28.
The adventure pass, which includes general admission, the canyon edge course and Sky Zipline, starts at $61 for adults and $51 for children.

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The Golden Skybridge is a perfect stopover if you’re travelling between Banff and Revelstoke. However, why not stay a while and explore all that Golden has to offer?

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We were invited by Pursuit to explore the Golden Skybridge. As always, all opinions are our own and you will always read our genuine thoughts and experiences.




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    1. With all the activities they have on offer, you can easily spend half a day at Golden Skybridge! And in such a stunning location. I’m still not sure if I would try the canyon swing, although it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience 🙂

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