Explore the city of Winnipeg with the Winnipeg Attractions Pass

Welcome to Winnipeg! A city in the heart of Canada’s prairies, surrounded by vast lakes and shaped by its multi-cultural history.

This bustling metropolis offers a rich variety of cultural experiences and outdoor adventures and after living in Winnipeg for one year, we’ve visited many of the must-see spots around the city. 

Discovering the best places in the city has been a seamless experience for us, thanks to the Winnipeg Attractions Pass. This ticket grants you access to some of the city’s most renowned landmarks while offering significant savings. With all your admissions conveniently stored on your phone, accessing and redeeming them has never been easier.

Let’s delve into how this pass works and explore the incredible spots it allows you to visit. We’ll also share our favourite things to see and do in each location.

In a nutshell: How the Winnipeg Attractions Pass works:

The Winnipeg Attractions Pass offers two options: The 1-Day Pass allows you to experience the best attractions Winnipeg has to offer in a single day, while the 3-Day Pass provides extended access over three days, giving you more time to immerse yourself in the city’s hotspots.

Purchasing the pass is hassle-free. It’s a mobile-exclusive passport that is instantly delivered to your phone via text and email. You don’t need to download any apps, making it even more convenient. Upon receiving your pass, you can save it to your phone’s home screen for easy one-tap access whenever you need it.

To redeem your pass, simply present your phone to the attendant or staff member at the participating attraction you wish to visit. They will scan or verify your pass, granting you admission to the attraction without the need for physical tickets or additional paperwork.

The Canadian Museum For Human Rights 

Located at the Forks National Historic Site, the Canadian Human Rights Museum stands as a testament to the importance of human rights in our society. This architectural masterpiece not only showcases the history and struggles of human rights in Canada and around the world but also invites visitors to reflect on their own role in promoting equality and justice.

Winnipeg attractions pass Human Rights Museum sentence

Through immersive exhibits, thought-provoking displays and engaging multimedia presentations, the museum fosters understanding, empathy and a commitment to upholding the rights of all individuals.

Must-see | One of the museum’s most iconic features is the series of slightly sloping alabaster ramps, guiding visitors through all seven levels until they reach the Israel Asper Tower of Hope at the very top.

Good to know:

  • With accessible entrances, elevators, ramps and resting spots, the museum is accessible to all.
  • Open from Tuesday – Sunday from 10am to 5pm, open until 9pm on Friday
  • You can grab a drink and some food at the on-site cafe, or head to The Forks where you’ll find a variety of food and drink options.

The Manitoba Museum 

Winnipeg attractions pass Manitoba Museum

Step back in time and unravel the fascinating stories of Manitoba’s past at the Manitoba Museum. This multidimensional institution showcases the province’s rich history, diverse cultures and natural wonders. From the ancient artifacts of the First Nations to the interactive displays exploring the fur trade era, the museum offers a captivating journey through time. Visitors can also explore the immersive galleries dedicated to Manitoba’s wildlife and the vast cosmos.

Must-see | The replica of the Nonsuch, the first ship to voyage from England to the Hudson Bay in 1668. The successful journey paved the way for the establishment of the Hudson’s Bay Company and the lucrative fur trade that shaped the early development of Canada.

Good to know:

  • There are three permanent attractions at the Manitoba Museum – the Museum Galleries, Planetarium Theatre, and Science Gallery
  • Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Continue your exploration of Winnipeg by venturing into the Exchange District, the city’s historic district. With its abundance of restaurants, cafes and ongoing events, this area will keep you busy for hours!

FortWhyte Alive

Winnipeg attractions pass FortWhyte Alive

Escape the bustling city and explore the urban nature oasis of FortWhyte Alive. This expansive nature center boasts over 640 acres of prairie, lakes and forests, providing a haven for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Take a leisurely stroll along the trails, go birdwatching or embark on a canoe adventure on the lakes. FortWhyte Alive also offers various educational programs and interactive exhibits, allowing visitors to learn about environmental sustainability and the importance of conserving our natural heritage.

Must-see | FortWhyte Alive is home to the largest urban bison herd in the world and whenever we visit, we make sure to head to the bison enclosure to observe the herd.

Good to know:

  • There are many events, activities and tours throughout the year. Make sure to check the calendar to see what’s on during your visit.
  • Summer Hours:
    Monday-Thursday: 9 am – 8 pm – Friday-Sunday: 9 am – 5 pm – Holidays: 9 am – 5 pm
  • At the Buffalo Stone Cafe, you can enjoy a variety of drinks and food options. Once you’ve finished your visit there, make your way to Assiniboine Park, where you’ll discover the Leaf and Assiniboine Zoo.

The Royal Canadian Mint

Winnipeg attractions pass The Mint exterior

Discover the art and science behind Canada’s currency at The Royal Canadian Mint. As one of only a few mints in the world that produce circulation and collectible coins, this institution offers a fascinating glimpse into the minting process. Join a guided tour to witness the precision and craftsmanship that goes into creating coins, and learn about the Mint’s rich history and the iconic Canadian coins it has produced. 

Must-see | Before you enter, make your way to the field to the right of the parking lot where you get a fantastic view of the Mint.

Good to know:

  • To learn more about the Mint and the production process and potentially see live coin production, you have to join a tour which runs each day throughout the summer.
  • The boutique is open from Monday to Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Tours run from Monday to Sunday, First tour 9:30 am, last tour 3:30 pm

The Royal Aviation Museum

The Royal Aviation Museum showcases the rich aviation heritage of Canada, highlighting the country’s contributions to flight and aerospace technology. Step aboard historic aircraft, admire the meticulously restored planes and delve into the stories of brave aviators who have shaped Canada’s aviation history. Through interactive exhibits, engaging displays and hands-on activities, the Royal Aviation Museum offers a thrilling journey through the skies.

Must-see | One standout highlight is the Vickers Viscount, a legendary aircraft proudly showcased within the museum. Stepping aboard this iconic plane, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore its interior and exterior, getting a firsthand glimpse into its historical significance.

Good to know:

  • Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm
  • The museum is right by the airport, so this can be your first stop after you’ve landed!

Final Thoughts

With the Winnipeg Attractions Pass, you can explore many of Winnipeg’s outstanding hotspots. Each attraction invites you to delve into its unique realm, offering insights, inspiration and a deeper appreciation for the world we inhabit. So, whether you’re captivated by human rights, history, nature or aviation, this pass unlocks the door to an unforgettable experience in the city of Winnipeg.




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