5 Yukon Adventures I Would Love to Try This Summer

Today, the Yukon only consists of around 35,000 residents, most of whom live in the cities of Whitehorse and Dawson City. With this in mind, the territory is the ultimate destination for adventure seekers in search of places few have ventured to before.

In the midst of winter, the Yukon is perpetually snow-covered. Yet, in summer, the territory teems with life, as snow makes way for wildflowers in bloom and previously hibernating animals awaken from their winter slumber.

Bear in the Yukon
Photo credit: Yukon Tourism

With over nineteen hours of daylight – and midnight sun in the Arctic regions – visitors have plenty of time to explore the Yukon’s untouched wilderness. Experience the Yukon from a rustic lodge, set deep within the boreal forests, as you explore the unspoilt beauty the territory is world-renowned for.

Yukon Canoe Trips

Hiking Yukon adventure
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Follow in the footsteps of 1896 Klondike Gold Rush prospectors by paddling along the meandering Yukon River. A canoe trip is a perfect introduction to the Yukon, where you can learn more about the territory’s history and observe Northern wildlife along the shores, as you tranquilly glide passed.

Experience the Yukon River in a single day trip, or opt in for the multi-day guided canoe trip.

Horseback Riding

Horse riding in the Yukon
Photo credit: J Kennedy via Yukon Tourism

Enjoy the pristine Yukon landscapes from horseback, as you ride above the forest’s edge. Your experienced guide will take care of everything – from saddling your horse to preparing your meals – so you only need to worry about admiring the mountain scenes around you.

One-day or multi-day tours are available.

Yukon Hiking Trips

Hiking in the Yukon
Photo credit: Derek Crowe via Yukon Tourism

The best way to fully appreciate Yukon’s wilderness is by hiking any of its many trails. Put on your sturdy hiking boots and venture on a guided multi-day hikethrough the boreal forests, peaceful lakes, alpine scenery and green meadows.

If you’re up for a true adventure, then sign up for the Chilkoot Trail where you’ll retrace the Klondike Gold Rush route, which runs from Alaska to Canada.

While you turn down for the night in your tent, relishing the day’s experience, you might even hear a wolf howling in the distance.

Yukon Rafting

White water rafting Yukon
Photo credit: Yukon Tourism

If you find gently paddling the Yukon’s rivers too calm for your taste, join a multi-day rafting trip, which will get your adrenaline pumping in no time. Expert guides will guide you through numerous rapids, with dramatic landscapes as your backdrop.

On this adrenaline-filled adventure, you may float passed icebergs on the Alsek River, or glimpse grizzlies on the shoreline.

Stay In A Cabin Or Lodge

Frances Lake Cabin Rentals

Experience the peaceful surroundings of the Yukon as you enjoy staying in a cabin or lodge, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Unwind in a remote, rustic log cabin with your significant other or friends/family, or opt for a lodge, complete with wooden features and a cosy fireplace where a chef serves you delicious local food and where you can relax in a hot-tub. It’s the perfect base for all your Yukon adventures.

Soft Adventure Activities

Road trip Yukon Adventures
Photo credit: Derek Crowe via Yukon Tourism

If you’re looking for more quiet activities, there are a variety of experiences to choose from. Catch a lake trout or whitefish on a fishing trip, on the lakes around Whitehorse; join a gentle paddle boarding trip or jump into an ATV and/or SUV, and let your guide show you the beautiful territory.

Tips Before Joining A Yukon Adventure

Yukon adventures
Photo credit: Derek Crowe via Yukon Tourism

Make sure to purchase travel/cancellation insurance.

  • Pack appropriate clothing. Even in summer, the weather can be unpredictable. Bring long sleeves and a rain jacket with you.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera and plenty of SD cards! If you’re planning on joining a canoe/rafting trip, make sure to bring a waterproof camera and bag along.

Choosing Your Adventure Travel Company

When visiting the Yukon, you will be exploring a beautiful but remote part of the world.

When booking your trip, make sure it is with a fully licenced guide, who has your safety and the best interests of the fauna and flora at heart. Yukon Wild is committed to doing just that, as the companies support eco-tourism’s best practices and are licenced under the Wilderness Tourism Licencing Act of the Yukon.

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This post was written in collaboration with Yukon Wild. All opinions are my own, and you will always read my genuine thoughts and experiences.




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