Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it ~ Greg Anderson

Orange ski lift Manning Park

Snow Fun In E. C. Manning Park: 2-Day Spring Getaway

If you love snow and winter activities, there are plenty of options around Vancouver. Only two hours north of Vancouver lies Whistler, one of the largest ski resorts in North America, and...
Whistler Summer suspension bridge

Mountain Getaway: How To Spend Two Days in Whistler

When I arrived in Canada three years ago, I was excited to explore the outdoors. Having lived in Belgium for 21 years, where the highest “mountain” is 694 metres high, the prospect of having...
Kluane National Park flightseeing tour Yukon

Soaring Over Kluane National Park – Glacier Flightseeing Tour

I looked out of the plane’s small window and admired the scenery below me. The landscape resembled a painting, with the river echoing broad strokes across a sandstone-coloured canvas... We were flying above the...

Wilderness Adventure: Our Yukon River Canoe Trip

The canoe slid into the water… After gaining my balance, I paddled, making the canoe swing from left to right like a pendulum. “The steering will be tricky,” I thought, as I tried to keep...
Looking out over Dawson City Yukon road trip

The Allure of the North: One week in the Yukon

It was our love for the wild and the Yukon’s untamed beauty that drew us back to the north. At the start of winter in 2016, we spent four days exploring Whitehorse, and only...
Brunch in Wellington

20 Must-Try Brunch Spots in Wellington: My Favourite Picks

After arriving in Wellington, I was happy to see that brunch was not only an option, but the staple meal of the day. Around the world, brunch is a tradition for most late risers...
Bloom Tulip Festival Abbotsford

Stroll among a sea of colours: Tulip Festival near Vancouver

Spring has arrived in Vancouver! The days are getting longer, the bears are waking up and the city is transforming into a colourful palette of pinks and whites. As the trees start to blossom,...
Hallstätter See - Day trips from Salzburg

5 Great day trips from Salzburg

Salzburg is a gateway to several well known cities and attractions. You can take day trips from Salzburg to Munich, or travel via train from Salzburg to Hallstatt, The city’s location make it perfectly placed for tons of memorable side ventures in both Austria and Germany.
Fiji sunset

A night from hell in paradise

“How blissfully peaceful,” I thought, unaware that this seemingly postcard-perfect island would turn into a place straight from hell as soon as the sun went down…
Middelvlei landscape - Stellenbosch Wine Routes

My favourite wine farms near Cape Town

With so many gorgeous, award-winning wine farms near Cape Town, travellers and locals are well and truly spoiled for choice. Here's a selection of the best wineries near Cape Town that stand out above the rest.